Synthetic Biology PhD Network funded

We are very pleased to announce that three fully funded PhD studentships are now available as part of a newly funded PhD network in Synthetic Biology based in Sheffield and lead by Dr Graham Stafford.  This is a major initiative involving researchers from The School of Clinical Dentistry, and the Departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering, History and Sociological Studies.

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Sialic acid review accepted

9th October, 2011

Good news, the latest collaborative effort with the Sharma Group has been accepted for publication as a review in the journal Molecular and Oral Microbiology. This represents a deal of work over this summer and is the first review of siallobiology of periodontal pathogens.  It summarises current knowledge and points out area for future investigation while also hinting at some areas we have an inkling about from recent work.


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Congratulations Prachi and Mike

20th September, 2011

Well Done to Prachi and Mike for their successful grant applications to the Oral and Dental Research Trust for a combined total of £10,000 to provide consumables funding for their respective projects.


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Latest Sialidase work accepted for publication in Microbiology

September 5th, 2011

The latest news from the Tannerella team is the publication of our findings that Tannerella can utilise host glycoproteins as a source of sialic acid but that this is dependent on the NanH sialidase.  This work was well received by reviewers and accepted with minor revisions and is currently available on the In Press section of the Microbiology website

Sumi Graduates

July 18th, 2011

Congratulations to Sumi on the proud event of her graduation with her PhD on 18th July 2011.  It was also Graham's first experience of being in the processsion with silly hat and all.  Sumi was resplendent in red and managed not to fall over on stage.  Shame about the weather but a good time had all around.

Welcome to the Group Chat

August 1st, 2011

A warm welcome to Dr Chatchawal Phansopa who joins us to on a 3 year Dunhill Medical Trust funded project to work on the role of sialic acid in periodontal pathogens.

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