Science week 2014


The Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering

Science week 2014 saw the group (Kate Naylor, Prachi Stafford, Andrew Frey, Charlotte Green) take an interactive workshop entitled: 'microbes: the good the bad and the downright nasty', on the road.  The 6th formers at Ridgewood academy (Doncaster) and Wickserley (Rotherham) were introduced to their own oral microflora by performing Gram stains.


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Jen Parker's Flagellin glycosylation paper published

Many congratulations to Jen Parker on the publication of her elegant paper on the characterisation of the flagellin glycosylation pathway that was accepted in Molecular Microbiology at the end of February.  The paper contains a large amount of hard-earned data presented beautifully and reveals several new facets of the bacterial flagellin glycosylation pathway with the order of events and several new molecular details revealed.


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NanU paper published in Biochemical Journal

1.6A structure of NanU (BF1720)

Congratulations to Chat and the rest of the team on the publication of our paper on the structure and function of NanU in the Biochemical Journal online this month.

The paper can be found via this link and features the first structure of a SusD family protein that binds the important host-derived sugar sialic acid.


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Prachi awarded Discipline hopping Fellowship

Congratulations to Prachi who has secured 1 years funding of her own on a Wellcome Trust Discipline Hopping Fellowship to work on phosphoproteomic and metabololic responses to periodontal pathogens.  She will be hosted by our collaborator Prof Phillip Wright in ChELSi and we are all looking forward to seeing some really cool data.  Good luck!

Graham and Phil Wright involved in awarded IKC in Synbio

Graham and Prof Phillip Wright at ChELSi are the Sheffield Co-Is on a large £10million BBSRC, EPSRC and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) funded  Innovation Knowledge Centre in Synthetic Biology that is being lead by Imperial college, called SynbiCITE.  It is a partnership between 17 universities and 13 companies in this sphere who have also promised extra investment as part of activities.  It was announced at the recent SB6.0 meeting by the Right Hon David Willetts, who said:  “Synthetic biology has huge potential for our economy and society in so many areas, from life sciences to agriculture. But to realise this potential we need to ensure researchers and business work together. This new Innovation and Knowledge Centre will help advance scientific knowledge and turn cutting edge research into commercial success.”

More info is here also:

Synthethic Biology @Shefffield meeting

On July 15th Graham organised the Synthetic Biology@Sheffield 2013 meeting.  More details can be found at our Synthetic Biology@Sheffield website while two budding Synthetic Biologists are pictured!