Congratulations on Kates First paper

Many, many congratulations to Kate Naylor, whose paper entitled "Role of OmpA2 surface regions of Porphyromonas gingivalis in host-pathogen interactions with oral epithelial cells" was published in September in MicrobiologyOpen Journal.OmpA2 mutants, TEM

The paper contains a very nice dataset that represents a great amount of work from Kate and i for one am very proud of her and the paper- also my first lead paper on P. gingivalis.  In the paper we describe the role of OmpA and its individual subunits in the interaction of P. gingivalis with oral cells. In particular, we observe that OmpA2-loop 4 plays an important role in the interaction with host cells. These data demonstrate for the first time the important role of P. gingivalis OmpA2 extracellular loops in interaction with epithelial cells, which may help design novel peptide-based antimicrobial therapies for periodontal disease.

Link to paper:;jsessionid=E34EB50D90FF530F520DC47AC1B19677.f04t03