Preterm-metabolite paper published

I am pleased to report the publication of a joint paper between ourselves- Emmanuel Amabebe and Jen Parker and lead by Dilly Anumba on the work conducted on the preterm birth project assessing metabolite levels by NMR.  The NMR  work was lead by Steve Reynolds with Martyn Paley and shows some interesting findings suggesting selected metabolites detectable in the GU tract of pregnant women have the potential to help the diagnostic process indicating increased risk of Premature birth.  

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Emmanuel Amabebe, Steven Reynolds, Victoria L. Stern, Jennifer L. Parker, Graham P. Stafford, Martyn N. Paley, Dilly O. C. Anumba (2016) Identifying metabolite markers for preterm birth in cervicovaginal fluid by magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Metabolomics. April 2016, 12:67