Jen Parker's Flagellin glycosylation paper published

Many congratulations to Jen Parker on the publication of her elegant paper on the characterisation of the flagellin glycosylation pathway that was accepted in Molecular Microbiology at the end of February.  The paper contains a large amount of hard-earned data presented beautifully and reveals several new facets of the bacterial flagellin glycosylation pathway with the order of events and several new molecular details revealed.



In our opinion the most significant data include the discovery that the putative glycosyltransferase Maf interacts directly with flagellin chaperone and that this chaperone then receives glycosylated flagellin from Maf in the cytoplasm before secretion, i.e. this system has evolved to favour secretion of the polymerization competent glycosylated form.

The paper expands our knowledge of this widespread glycosylation system and is a tribute to Jens hard work and the latest from the fruitful collaboration with John Shaw (Infection and Immunity).  She lead a very active team including Rebecca Lowry (PhD student) and our collaborators at ChELSi lead by Professor Phil Wright.  The work was funded by the Wellcome Trust.