NanU paper published in Biochemical Journal

1.6A structure of NanU (BF1720)

Congratulations to Chat and the rest of the team on the publication of our paper on the structure and function of NanU in the Biochemical Journal online this month.

The paper can be found via this link and features the first structure of a SusD family protein that binds the important host-derived sugar sialic acid.


It features a biochemical and structural characterisation of NanU, a novel inducible surface-associated sialic acid binding protein present in human-dwelling Bacteroidetes species such as Tannerella forsythia but also several members of the genes Bacteroides which are present in the human gut.  Our findings outline its role in conjunction with the TonB-dependent transport system encoded in the nanOU operon and represents a novel type of sialic acid-specific Polysaccharide Utilisation Locus (model pictured left).Chat Phansopa


Many congratulations to Chat for all his hard work- he is pictured here in his natural environment.