Stannington School Visit

On the 25th April Graham, Kate, Charlotte and Andy took on the challenge of trying to convince 5 classes of infant school children that bacteria are cool with our own brand of microbiology educational visit to Stannington Infant School.

PG as you have never seen itThe team ran a series of Q & A sessions on 'good and bad bugs' based around some high quality impromptu still life drawing efforts from the children that acted as a good springboard to discuss bacteria and the immune system- yes with 5-8 year olds, thank the internet for!  We also took some Gram-stained samples from Andy's not inconsiderable mouth to show the kids some real bacteria on some microscopes from the dept. (see pic)

A particular attraction was the Lemon jelly and sweetie based biofilm (well done Kate and Charlotte- with thanks from the SGM educational office for the idea).  A great time was had by all and the quality of the kids questions and their great behaviour is a credit to the school.  We will definitely be back...