Congratulations Jennie on Paper publication

Feb 16th, 2012

Well done to Jennie on the acceptance for publication of the first (of many) papers on her work on the flagellin specific glycosylation pathway in Aeromonas entitled "Identification of a putative glycosyltransferase responsible for the transfer of pseudaminic acid onto the polar flagellin of Aeromonas caviae Sch3N".  This was a very nice piece of work and a reward for alot of effort.  The paper will be published in a new online journal called MicrobiologyOpen from Wiley that is a sister journal for the likes of Molecular microbiology.

In a nutshell: "Holy Maf Batman it's a pseudaminidyl transferase (probably)".  Jen's work has identified that the single maf gene of A. caviae is responsible for glycosylation of the flagellin molecules and that a maf mutant is aflagellate and non-motile.  She now continues to work on this pathway looking at the series of molecular events culminating in flagellin glycosylation.

LEFT: One of Jen's very hard earned TEM images
of Aeromonas that feature in this paper.