Congratulations Dr Anumba

22nd Jan 2012

We must extend a large congratulations to Dr Dilly Anumba, a new collaborator of the lab, who has just been awarded a large MRC grant in the Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme (DFPS) entitled: Assessing the Risk of Spontaneous Premature Birth by Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy of the Cervix. Dr Anumba will lead a team looking at  developing a device to enable testing of the impedance of the cervix wall in women at risk of premature birth.


This has great potential for patient benefit and is an exciting project.  As part of the study the lab will be involved in the assessment of the microbiota of the female reproductive tract from a subset of these patients with a view to identifying if any gross changes in their microbiota with a longer term view to investigating this more thoroughly.  This will lead to a greater understanding of the risk factors associated with pre-term birth outcomes and may lead to a PCR based test for any signature species.