Postdoctoral Researchers- Past and Present


Please click on the links below to view the personal webpage of the Postdoctoral Research Associates in the group- some who have now moved on.


We are always keen to receive enquiries from talented individuals wanting to apply for personal fellowships such as EU/ Human Frontiers/ Newton.

Any open positions will be advertised here also.






Dr Chatchawal Phansopa joined the group on 1st August 2011 and is funded by a Dunhill Medical Trust Research (DMT) Grant to Dr Graham Stafford and Professor Ian Douglas. He now works in the dept of Animal and Plant Sciences in the University of Sheffield, but is still a valued collaborator.





Dr Prachi Stafford joined the group in May 2010 and is now starting her own research team at Sheffield Hallam University as a lecturer in biology -




Dr Jennifer Parker also joined in May 2010 on a collaborative Wellcome Trust Research Grant to Dr Jon Shaw (Infection and Immunity), Dr Graham Stafford and Professor Phil Wright (Chemical and Biological Engineering).   This was followed by an MRC DPFS grant on preterm birth microbiomes before working on  on the Cyanofactory grant with Phil Wright in CBE.  Jen is currently on maternity leave before the next chapter of her career begins...