Mohammed Al-Zubidi



1993-1998: University of Baghdad, College of Dentistry, B.D.S., Bachelor of Dental Surgeon.

1998-1999: Training dentist, Ministry of Health. Baghdad.

2000-2001: Dentist at the College of Dentistry- Al-Mustansiriya University. Baghdad.

2001-2004: University of Baghdad, College of Dentistry, MSc in Pedodontics.

2004-2013: Lecturer at the Department of Pedodontics-Orthodontic and Preventive Dentistry, College of Dentistry, Al-Mustansiriya University- Iraq.

2013-present: University of Sheffield. School of Clinical Dentistry. PhD student.

Current Work

My project focus on the isolation of Bacteriophage from the human and wider environment targeted against oral pathogens such as the red-complex periodontal pathogens and on the investigation of potentially antimicrobial amidase genes contained within Prophage of oral pathogens under the supervision of Dr. Graham Stafford, Professor Andrew Rawlinson and Professor Ian Douglas.

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