Andrew Frey


2006-2011: University of Glasgow, M.Sci First Class (Hons)

2008: Summer industrial placement, Linz AG, Austria; Microbiological Testing of Water.

2009-2010: Industrial placement at NewGene (Next Generation Diagnostics)-Targeted Genomic Enrichment for 454-Sequencing, for Diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophies

2011: Final year lab project; Development of Novel Antimicrobials Targeting Type III Secretion Systems

2012-present: University of Sheffield, School of Dentistry, PhD student

Current Work


I am a BBSRC-CASE student, part sponsored by GSK. My project aims to investigate sialidases in periodontal pathogens, and the effect of sialidase inhibition on pathogenicity. I am supervised by Dr Graham Stafford, Dr Craig Murdoch and Prof Ian Douglas.

I am a member of the Society of General Microbiology.