PhD Students

From Left to Right: Andy, Rebecca, Kate, Sarah, Charlotte

Andrew Frey is funded by a BBSRC Case partnership award with GSK to study the influence of sialidase inhbitors on periodontal bacteria

Kate Naylor is funded by the Medical Faculty and is studying invasive signature genes from the keystone periodontal pathogen P. gingivalis

Charlotte Green is funded by the UoS Synthetic Biology for healthcare PhD network lead by Graham on strain development for the secretion of proteins by E.coli

Emmanuel Amabebe is funded by the nigerian government and is working on the characterisation of metabolites and microbiota of the female reproductive tract in relation to pre-term delivery of infants.

Mohammed Al-Zubidi is funded by the Iraqi government and is studying Bacteriophage as potential tools for treatment of oral infections.

Nitin Kamble is funded by the Indian Government and is working on protein secretion in E.coli

Marianne Satur is funded by a BBSRC iCASE award with Ludger Ltd and is working on structural biology and engineering of sialidases