Former Group Members

We like to keep track of former lab members whenever possible and details of the lucky escapees are listed below:

Dr Sumita Roy joined the group on 1st October 2007 as a PhD student before gaining a 1 year, Wellcome Trust Value in People Fellowship.  She is now working at a Research Instiute in Bangalore as a postdoctoral researcher in collaboration with the group of Dr Vania Braga at Imperial College, London working on Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Dr Matthew Hicks left the group n 2013 and is now working as a professional grants  support writer.

Avanti Gupta: Has just completed a 6 week summer project with us looking for Bacteriophage in the oral cavity.  She will now return to complete the third year of her BSc studies in Biomedical Sciences.

Ghadeer Al Zayer:  Completed her MSc in molecular medicine project with us on production of flagella chimeras and has now returned to Saudi Arabia to get married and pursue her career there.

Suttipalin Suwannakul:  Completed her PhD in 2010 and has now returned to Thailand to take up a position in a prestigious Dental School.

Rob Ridley:  Is currently completing his PhD after spending a few months with us on the Synthetic biology work

Mary Connolly: Completed her BMedSci in 2010 with merit and has now returned to the BDS course to complete her studies and to become a dentist.  She is now on VT training in Newcastle.

Noraini Wan Sulaiman:  Completed her MSc project in 2009 investigating invasion of Tannerella into epithelial cells.  She has now returned to Malaysia to become a lecturer teaching biochemistry in the medical faculty of the Islamic Science University of Malaysia (

Sarah Ying has now moved on to take up a PhD position at the University of Hong Kong.

Michael Spencer has now returned to the BDS course to complete his studies.

Corrie Porter is funded on an MDH faculty studentship and working on sialic acid in periodontal pathogens but has now moved on to train as a secondary school teacher in biology