Dr Sumita Roy

Sumi now holds a an Indian Science foundation fellowship in Chennai

She previously held a position in the group of Dr Vania Braga at Imperial College London working on an EU funded project as part of the PHAGOSYS consortium entitled "RNA i screens: Mycobacterium bovis uptake and model testing"


A key step in tuberculosis is the uptake of mycobacteria by macrophages, therefore, understanding the signalling pathways that regulate the uptake of mycobacteria is an essential to find new interventions that promote clearance of intracellular bacteria by phagocytic cells, and so boost innate immunity. Therefore, my main objective is to identify Rho GTPases, their effectors & upstream regulators that control uptake of Mycobacterium bovis BCG by macrophages using a High throughput screen and an immunofluorescence-based assay to quantify levels of associated and internalised BCG by THP-1 differentiated macrophages.


Career History

2002-2005: BSc in Biotechnology, Bangalore University (India).

2005-2006: MSc in Biomedical basis of diseases, Sheffield Hallam University

2007-2010: PhD in Molecular microbiology, University of Sheffield.

October 2010-Oct 2011: Wellcome VIP Research fellow, School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield.

Current Research:

During my PhD and fellowship period in Dr Stafford’s research group I was investigating the virulence factors and physiology of biofilm formation by the oral pathogen, Tannerella forsythia. During my PhD I conducted an iTRAQ proteomic study of biofiilm formation, discovered that Tannerella can utilise sialic acid as a growth factor and identified a novel sialic acid transport system in T.forsythia. As a Wellcome VIP research fellow, currently, I am looking into the role sialidases, hexosaminidases and acetylesterases to scavenge sialic acid from a range of human glycoproteins for in vivo nutrition for T.forsythia for biofilm formation.

I am a member of the following learned societies:

Society of General Microbiology

American Society for Microbiology

Contact details:

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Roy S., Honma K, Douglas CWI, Sharma A and Stafford GP (2011) Role of sialidase in glycoprotein utiisation by Tannerella forsythia. Microbiology In Press

S. Roy, C.W.I Douglas, G. P Stafford (2010). A novel sialic acid utilisation and uptake system in the periodontal pathogen Tannerella forsythia. Journal of Bacteriology, 192 (9): 2285-93.

S. Roy, T. K Pham, C.W.I Douglas, P. C. Wright, G. P. Stafford (2010). A quantitative proteomic analysis of biofilm adaptation by the periodontal pathogen Tannerella forsythia. Proteomics, 17:3130-41.